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camper huren Zuid-Frankrijk

Volkswagen T2 Bus camper rental in the South of France

Volkswagen T2 Westfalia

From 149€ per day

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Some history

The T2 (type 2) succeeds the T1 in 1967. The T2 is also called the Bay Window for its large, on-part windshield for a better view for the driver. In 1975 some external but also many important technical changes follow, including the automatic choke, mor engine power and disc brakes and power brake.

The Volkswagen Van, symbol of the 1970s. The times of Woodstock, Flower power, Peace & Love and Hippies. Vintage Roads rents original Westfalia rising roof campers of the T2B model, the authentic model but with power brake and disc brakes and a 2-person rising roof for sleeping room for 4 people.

camper huren Zuid-Frankrijk

Rent a Volkswagen Van

You rent a vintage Volkswagen camper Van for adventure and freedom. Being on the road is your destination, enjoy the wonderful landscapes, sights and the lovely backroads the Provence and Côte d’Azur have to offer. The hundreds of campsites (varying from ‘farm holidays’ to ‘Glamping’) make the South of France Europe’s greatest camping destination.

camper huren Zuid-Frankrijk

Volkswagen T2 bus camper with Westfalia rising roof

You can stop anywhere with this small house on wheels. You always have your bed, kitchen and outdoor terrace at hand. And your Volkswagen camper will ensure happy faces and enthusiastic reactions – such as a raised thumb or spontaneous photo sessions.

All our campers have been nicely restored, have an original Westfalia interior and a rising roof. Two people can sleep on the lower bed and another two on the upper bed in the tent of the rising roof. The camper is equipped with an extensive camping inventory for 4 people such as an outdoor table, outdoor chairs, electricity wiring, cooker and kitchen equipment, If desired you can order an additional linen/towels package and a bicycle carrier with two bicycles.