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2CV huren Zuid-Frankrijk

2cv rental South of France

We have 15 vehicles in 13 different colors

From 133€ per day

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cadeau 2cv vintage roads

2cv rental

Renting an original Ugly Duck is an unforgettable experience. In a Citroen 2CV everything is slightly different. Shifting gears, braking and cornering in the bend takes some getting used to. Once you get it, you can really enjoy this classic car.

Vintage Roads has a fleet of 15 CVs in various colours with which to discover the Provence and the Mediterranean coast.

Some history

The Citroen 2CV, a mythical French car known to every car lover, was presented in 1948. The car was originally designed for farmers: cheap and they had to be able to drive on bad, unpaved roads. It soon became a legend. Today, the 2CV is still renowned and world famous. The 2CV has become the symbol of the period after the Second World War and stands for freedom, holidays and ‘joie de vivre’.

Do you want to discover or rediscover the unique sensations of driving a 2CV?

Choose your color from our 15 2cv park and set off to explore picturesque little roads in Provence or the Mediterranean coast, hair in the wind.