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Volkswagen T1 split passenger bus rental South of France

The primordial Van of Volkswagen (8 people)

From 243€ per day

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Rent a Volkswagen T1 split bus

The T1 bus you can rent from us is from the late 1960s. It is a totally different driving experience, a vehicle from a different era.

We recommend you don’t take the highways and take it easy, in a word: a slow road trip. Driving in a spit bus is very special, you will see that everyone is watching you, makes photos and smiles.

As a result, you will sit in this T1 bus with a big smile, for driving in this classic vehicle is an unmatched experience!

Some history

The T1 is the first bus model of Volkswagen, designed in the late 1940s on the basis of sketches by Ben Pon, the Volkswagen importer in the Netherlands. Presented at the Motor show of Geneva in 1950.

For the first model, the wheel suspension and engine of the Beetle were used. The bus is characteristic and easily recognizable by the split windscreen and the large VW log at the front.

Production started with 10 buses a day, but the success was such that by 1954 the 100,000th T1 was produced. Today, there are as many as 30 different versions including the well-known Samba bus with 21 windows.

When 1.8 million vehicles had been built, the T1 was succeeded in 1967 by the T2 (type) bus. This is also called the Bay Window, because of the large windscreen in one piece for a better view for the driver.

Argens (blue-white), T1 passenger bus

The primordial bus of Volkswagen, the Type 1 split bus. The model was produced until the late 1960s in Europe and was then succeeded by the Type 2. In the 1960s Volkswagen moved the production of the Type to Brazil, to serve the South American market from there. In Brazil, production of the Type 1 buses continued until the late 1970s.

Our blue-white T1 with registration number 29-YD-62 is from January 1974 and has an original 1500 CC type 1 air-cooled engine. For safety, power brakes and disc brakes have been installed. The bus has 8 seats with safety belts.