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Beetle convertible rental South of France

A stylish 4-seater convertible

From 173€ per day

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Some history

A two-seater convertible version of the Volkswagen Beetle was presented in 1948. In this version, designed by coachbuilder Hebmüller, the roof was folded in a space between the two chairs and the engine compartment.

Hebmüller received an order for 2000 vehicles. After 6969 ones had been delivered, a fire destroyed most of the factory. Production was resumed, but in total only 750 vehicles were built before the factory was shut down in 1952 due to financial problems. Today, Hebmüller Beetles are worth a fortune.

After this, the Volkswagen Beetle convertible was produced by coachbuilder Karmann in Osnabrück. Karmann built a four-seater version. Because the roof could now no longer be folded behind the front seats, it was folded on the bodywork, just like the cover of a pram.

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Rent a convertible Volkswagen Beetle
rent convertible provence

Volkswagen Beetle is the ideal 4-seater convertible for the southern French Provence & Côte d’Azur. No need to take the highway, you ride along the backroads, with a view of lavender fields and exits to wine houses.

In the Provence & Côte d’Azur the sun shines 300 days per year on average, so take your sun cream! The great climate, the many sights and the varying landscape make the South of France the ideal place for a convertible road trip!