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Citroen Mehari rental South of France

To the beach in style!

From 146€ per day

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Some history

mehari huren Zuid-Frankrijk

The Mehari has been on the market since 1968. Its name derives from the French L’arabe Mahari, which means camel in Tuareg. The Mehari is light, sturdy and can take 400 kg of luggage. The exterior and interior are of plastic which makes the car easy to clean by rinsing it off with water

Mechanically the car is identical to the Citroen 2CV, the chassis, the suspension and the engine are the same. This immediately made the care popular because of its proven reliability of the 2CV. The target group is different from that of the 2CV; the Mehari is often sold to private people as a pleasure car, for instance to go to the beach.

The Mehari became a success: some 145.000 were produced. Apart from private people, the Spanish army and the Gendarmes de St Tropez also bought the Mehari. As can be seen in the famous films of Louis de Funès.

The Mehari was a car with a high fun factor. Everybody happy, the sun is shining. Wind in your hair and the windshield can still be angled forward. The Mehari stood for trouble-free driving. It had the simple but tested Citroen mechanism and a body that did not rust.

mehari huren Zuid-Frankrijk

Do you want to discover the unique sensations of driving a Mehari?

Choose your color from our 5 Mehari park and head out to explore picturesque little roads in Provence or the Mediterranean coast, its in the wind.

What Vintage Roads offers to you:

A fleet of 5 original multicolored Méhari, very well maintained and 4 places.

For your groups we have a fleet of 5 Mehari linked to our 15 2cv. Thanks to their mechanical common point, this beautiful fleet takes you on the beautiful roads of Provence and the French Riviera for a historic escape, rich in emotion.